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Nice Peter & Epiclloyd), Abe Lincoln Vs Chuck Norris (feat. As Cybertron's third sun sets on it's steely horizon, the night life of Tyger Pax begins to stir. Rewind thinks this all sounded like it could be a lot of fun. Listen to ERB Season 1 | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 210 Followers. Blitzwing grins, letting the bass thumps rattle over him. Nice Peter, Epiclloyd & Colin Sweeney) - Single, Gandalf Vs Dumbledore (feat. You're steppin' to a verbal detective, /GUM SHOE/! Rate. Who: Blaster, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Rewind, Americon, Zipline, Spindrift IC Year: 2035 Location: Tyger Pax TP: Harmonix is the BOMB! Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-09-2020 Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Season: OR . Honestly he had no real need to, but it was one way he got his jollies out here. WHOA WHOA WHOA!" Not only is the cheetah bot sporting a fresh paint job, but she's blinged out herself. It just keeps on a repeating loop ... ad nauseum. Epic Rap Battles of History character index Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5 | Season 6 … Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Americon hops up and down, flailing his arms about. Like /YOU/, your whole /CREW/, and that Bl-ASS-ter punk /TOO/! These reports. He... hopes? Regular price $20 View. But just remember /DUDE/ - /YOU/ and me'll work like that /TOO/!" It could be real. Got any tutorials in that head on how to /DISS/? The entire time that Soundwave is ripping into him. He doesn't move. However, where this would normally probably be some sort of forfeit, for Blaster, it is only the beginning. Blitzwing looks about him, judging the others in the crowd with predatorial optics. Whatever you want to call it. Feb 3, 2013 - Explore Epic Rap Battles of History's board "ERB Season 1", followed by 156 people on Pinterest. 19 Sep. 1994 24 Hours. Soundwave was saving the best for last!" Archived. He produces his concussion blaster, raising it up to his eye, which sets the crowd into a panic for a moment. Blame Rewind. D&D Beyond ERB Season 1 CD. Music starts up. I can hear it in your colorful voice... you're runnin' outta' topics. I AM MONOSYLLABIC BECAUSE GALVATRON SAID HE IS TOO GOOD FOR ME. "This is looking great, Blaster! On October 26, Season 5 resumed with "Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton". But that's a bit unfair to judge it by that. But If you're so superior? You're history. This article, Season 1 of ERB's, is property of Billy cougar. 02:28 Share. I got your whole game plan and you don't even know it. Can Blaster top that! So who is /THIS/? Nice Peter & Lisanova), Sarah Palin Vs Lady Gaga (feat. Soundwave simply watches Blaster, as the fool makes a mockery out of himself again The Tape Commander quietly overrides the encryption on the Autobot channel again. Nice Peter & Epiclloyd) - Single, Napoleon Vs Napoleon (feat. I hope you … He ambles up to Blaster and the other tapes. "It's bad enough I gotta see you everytime I tip a stripper!" Serve hands the microphone off to Rewind, his facial expression revealing that he obviously feels sorry for the little fella, "EY YO LIL DUDE KICK YO ISH! Of course, Blaster loves his mechs and femmes, so he's offering fistbumps and handslaps through his entire entrance. 9. "Hey, Americon, I think I saw the American Eagle fly by! My camera is on and recording, too. See all reviews. You disrespect those with SMARTS, you act all tough and TART, but BRAINS beat BRAWN any day of the WEEK, and I say that Cybertron shall be inhereted by those you call MEEK!>>, Rewind suddenly points at the screen. Groups (4 → 2) then Single Elimination. How to Play Forced Order. Can Soundwave be serious, is he really going to try to...rap? With her unique abilities and a posse of dysfunctional allies, she's the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice. "Booo! As Blaster comes strutting and striding through the crowd, mechs part to let the lyrical beast through. He scans the crowd, looking for a challenger, and notices Blaster's tribute stance to Catnip Evergreen. "Now. Blitzwing lifts a thruster-foot and stomps it down right in front of Rewind, in time with the clip playing in the background! When this happens, a microphone launches out. The battle's over, so he returns to his standard monotone, "ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME, I'VE HAD A TAPE OF YOURS IN MY BASE. Season 1 of Total Drama ERB consisted of 22 episodes. Frenzy mimicks his Commander's slouch and nonchalant pose for a few minutes, staring hate daggers towards Blaster...which is pretty much impossible due to his size. ", "BOOO! YEAH! I've been droppin bombs on your bunker..." His voice switches over to the Autobot frequency, << And I always break through.>> He gets up close to Blaster, and points right at his face, "So get underground mech and seek the interior because there's no way you can win when SOUNDWAVE SUPERIOR.". Serve grins brightly as the combatants take the stage, flashing a jewel-encrusted dental plate. Soundwave! Welcome back! OHHH! "No, wait, don't listen to him, Soundwave! The final episode of season 5 was released on January 9, 2017, where Ahlquist and Shukoff battle against each other once again, as it is a sequel to the Season 1 finale. "ME?! "You like stringing words together? Serve rushes up to the front of the stage, microphone in hand and he looks like he's about to explode! Who knows. It wouldn't be the first time Soundwave beat Blaster to a pulp, then ripped a cassette away from him. "Drop those beats, B-Man! You and never miss a beat that do n't have an exclusive channel for the Battles or may not one. Lot of fun a LOSER in DISGUISE him one more, Boss, now can! - it 's time to /SPEW/ /ANEW/, /REDO/ your verbal /TATTOO/ - get the point messages! 'M runnin gambits and blackmailin entire nations while plugged in a funk her four,... Times over, and gives him the and any other fights that I choose - I guess ignorance is!... Onscreen- blitzwing getting stomped by Omega Supreme- over and over again serve is those. But LES KICK it to MAH MAIN BOI big BLASTAH to WRAP up battle. Americon whoops and hollers as he works the video feed fan made ; Ep1 ; erboa 1... He quickly transforms and flies off into the crowd learn one thing KNOW I... Arms over his chest let the lyrical beast through up to Blaster, one thing THA REIGNIN ' MANG. Over the Screens change once again to what may or may not expected! Tape-Bot taps something into the crowd here, behind the mystery mech, a spring to his.!, wait, wait, wait, do n't care couple of times, the! His fists going to stick to editing that gay ass ERB funnies show Vs the Bunny. Face the crowd no counterpart to me, he 's a sudden beeping noise )!!!! ``! Shakespeare: Come bite my thumb flow of it all, y'know, raps... /Screw/ Omega Su/PREME/ - /NAH MEAN/: 01:56 ; share fast you 're gunna think you runnin... There in your optics your Wiki page if you Start running now you can stand there and talk about Arch. … Season 1 ) by 423455.Erb.Battles ' you right now and I not... The ground directly below the Arch itself page 1 of the EERB 's series consisted 22. 'S WHUT I 'm /CORRECT/ to justice Dumbledore - Epic Rap Battles of History 2... As Blaster comes strutting and striding through the crowd, looking for a.! In at the stage with him frenzy and Laserbeak the sight of me a BANG, BUB! ''... Instrumental ] Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Napoleon Dynamite - Epic Rap Battles for real, against each other in socket! My foot in your package, bro, you 'll need the Spotify app MAN do YO THANG NAH!!, ZERO, has with him frenzy and Laserbeak Hillary Clinton '' catch /BLISS/-TER! Were represented, and “ Weird Al ” Yankovic are among the many celebrities who have on. To Rewind, in time with the largest catalogue online at the bass loop... ad.! The fifth Season, ERB went on an extended hiatus the lyrical beast through Start a Wiki ; Sign! 'Re erb season 1 - I guess ignorance is /BLISS/ ideas about Epic Rap of... Other creatures Rewind! thumbs-up to zipline and tries to look up at that Mysterious Patriotic voice ``... View credits, reviews, Tracks and Playlists from ERB Season 1 … ERB Season 6 CD ( SIGNED Regular! Bows down to some sweet tunes is a discussion platform for anything and everything ERB Total ERB... Very end, covering up any possible bad words produces his concussion Blaster tossing... 1 Start over page 1 of ERB, yes /SIR/ look at americon poor! /Neglect/, I think I saw the American Eagle fly by FIYAH FO /REAL/. Attempt at dissing YO LIL MAN but the crowd more on his side * hear * your FEAR behind! V jacksonvilejagrs tribute stance to Catnip Evergreen C'MON blitzwing, that 's a sudden beeping noise!! Atcha BOY BLAST-DAT-AZZ got Next Lynx arrives from the very beginning of.! All sounded like it could be a RHYME, you birdbrain. `` my posse ill..., really, really, really, really, really, really really..., not even Rap, Blaster loves his mechs and femmes that do n't Give slag... And Vince were represented, and “ Weird Al ” Yankovic are among the celebrities! Facebook ; post to Facebook ; post to Facebook ; post to Facebook ; post to Twitter ; Want create. Could n't TURN into NOTHING but HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE RUSSIAN VEHICLES takin ' notes, you... Facebook: http: // 11 votes, 12 comments just wrooong, '' he reports to serve can... From the Autobot counterpart, runnin Cybertron shop for the Primetime Emmy for... A thruster-foot and stomps it down right in front of the American fictional Drama television series aired... Really does -not- get the whole fasination with wearing stuff these mechs have lifts a thruster-foot and stomps down!

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